Cast: 3 women, 2 men

Since Africa chronicles the tensions between a Dinka refugee—one of the “Lost Boys of Sudan”—and three people who help acclimate him to Chicago: a recently-widowed socialite, her reluctant and grieving college-age daughter, and an African-American Deacon from the local Catholic parish. Guiding each of these characters through the journey of the play is the Nameless One, a non-speaking, dancer spirit who embodies the commonality of human experience and the under-lying spirituality in even the most lost souls.

A look at American culture through the eyes of an African, this play explores the tensions between blacks and whites, Africans and African-Americans, the devout and the non-religious.

Since Africa can be downloaded on Broadway Play Publishing.

...a play of culture shocks and culture clashes, has you reexamining the everyday pattern’s of the America you take for granted.... many flashes of radiance but a subtle through-line
— Howard Shapiro, Philadelphia Inquirer—InterAct Theatre, Philadelphia, PA

Since Africa premiered at Chicago Dramatists in 2009 under the direction of Russ Tutterow.

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