The Haven

McCullough is the creator, writer, and co-producer of The Haven web series, a dramedy about the staff and clients of a domestic violence shelter in Chicago. The Haven Season 1 will be released in 2019.

Parallel (short)

A teenage driver's ed student attempts to talk to her teacher about their feelings at the end of their final lesson.

Parallel premiered at the 2017 Midwest Independent Film Festival and was nominated for Best Screenplay.


Daniel McGinty's Complete and Utter Loss of Faith in Absolutely Everything

Daniel McGinty, once a beloved father, doting husband, and respected manager, is now drunk and out of hope, handcuffed to a folding chair in a police station on Christmas Eve, wearing a befouled Santa costume with the beard sewn to his face. This is the darkly funny story about how he got there.


When roommates Sasha, a crisis line worker, and Karina, a phone sex worker, both break the one key rule they have in common—Don't Cross the Professional/Personal Boundary Line with a Client—they find themselves entangled in a life-threatening love hexagon involving three callers, one coworker, one cat, and a cornucopia of stolen pharmaceuticals.

roadside lilys

A lost soul encounters the same waitress at different stages of her life in three roadside diners over the course of three meals on his cross-country quest for enlightenment. A slightly surreal anti-fairy tale about a prince who cannot even save himself and a trapped damsel who may never be free.

Double Exposure

Tyler, a recently recovered heroin addict, desperately trying to find his path in the "straight" world, stumbles into a career in street photography and finds himself the prime suspect in a crime when one of his subjects turns out to be a missing child.