Lucinda's Bed

Lucas Neff and Elizabeth Laidlaw at Chicago Dramatists  photo by Jeff Pines

Lucas Neff and Elizabeth Laidlaw at Chicago Dramatists

photo by Jeff Pines

Cast: 2 men, 1 woman

Lucinda's Bed chronicles the life of Lucinda, a “Good Girl”-then-woman, through the significant moments that happen in and around her bed. It begins with a bed piled high with frilly, girlie sheets, but as each new stage of her life comes, a layer of bedding is pulled away to reveal something new. The two men who populate the piece are the “Monster”-under-her-bed, who portrays the various men that compromise Lucinda’s self-worth and tempt her darker side, and Adam who represents all the “Nice Guys” who promise to protect her but hurt her anyway.

As the play proceeds each of the characters tries to break from their mold. Lucinda desperately wants out of her “Good Girl” shackles, but by the time she figures out how to not be an unfailing rule-follower, there is too much to lose. The Monster, bound to Lucinda, finds himself falling in love with her despite his job as instigator and seducer. Adam is the only one who manages to release himself from his role as “Nice Guy,” but not without gravely hurting Lucinda in the process.

With each new betrayal Lucinda becomes harder and more bitter. Finally, with her heart turning to stone, Lucinda turns into a monster herself, releasing Adam from a hero role he cannot possibly fulfill, and seducing the love-sick Monster into granting her final wish. A full-length cautionary tale in one act.

Lucinda's Bed can be downloaded on New Play Exchange.

This is a disarmingly frank and involving new play about life as it is lived and one is attracted to its restless honesty.
— Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

Lucinda’s Bed premiered at Chicago Dramatists under the direction of Jessi D. Hill.

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