Echoes of Another Man

cover design by Mia McCullough and Johnny Knight

cover design by Mia McCullough and Johnny Knight

Cast: 3 women, 2 men

Echoes of Another Man chronicles the recovery of the recipient of the first-ever "successful" brain transplant. The donor body is from a professional golfer, the brain from a famous and somewhat notorious artist. Though the center of the story is the Patient's struggle with memories that no longer seem to match his identity, we also see the surgery's effect on three women in his life. The artist's lover/manager no longer feels connected to him in this new body, the golfer's widow cannot help but visit the walking image of her dead husband, and the Patient's primary care nurse finds herself increasing invested in the Patient even though she does not entirely agree with the surgery on ethical grounds.

Using elements of art, music, athletics and medicine, Echoes of Another Man is an exploration of medical ethics and identity.

Echoes of Another Man can be downloaded on Broadway Play Pub.

Echoes of Another Man is one of those plays with a premise that excites and engages our imagination completely.”
— Rick Reed, Windy City Times